High Blood Pressure Symptoms

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure? Can you tell how high blood pressure is by symptoms alone?

Does high blood pressure cause any particular symptom or pattern of symptoms. Often the answer is no - and the lack of any predictive high blood pressure symptoms is one reason why many people who have high blood pressure live for years without having it detected.

However, while it's true that symptoms of high blood pressure are hard to define - there are a group of symptoms that might indicate that you need a blood pressure check.

Read on below for more information:

The blood pressure symptoms listed below are drawn from the commonest type of problems that people experience.

By its nature this list can never be comprehensive. If you feel unwell in any way you should see your doctor. A regular check up on your health and your blood pressure is always a good idea.

Remember - the commonest high blood pressure symptom is "no symptom at all" !!

Common High Blood Pressure Symptoms:

If headache is present as a high blood pressure symptom then it is often felt at the front of the head or behind the eyes

Fatigue is a common and very non specific symptom - it can be a symptom of many other conditions and should not be regarded simply as a high blood pressure symptom. Some blood pressure medications can also cause fatigue and this can be a particulary difficult problem for a doctor to address.

Nose Bleeds
A recurrent pattern of nose bleeding may be a high blood pressure symptom

Facial redness or flushing
This may be a symptom in some people - more in men than in women

Ringing in the ears
High BP may cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or it may create a pumping or blood rushing noise in the ears

Dizziness is a common symptom of high blood pressure although it can also have many other causes

No Symptom at All !

Don't ever forget that the commonest high blood pressure symptom is No Symptom At All - if you have not had a blood pressure check recently then go arrange one now  

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