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Skin Treatment 

Skin problems are common and cause distress to thousands of us every day. From acne through to psoriasis and the problems associated with chronic dry skin and itch - we've got it covered. Browse the database for tips and advice:

bee sting treatment - bee venom - itch - skin care treatment - oily skin - skin treatment acne - skin treatment psoriasis - ringworm - poison ivy treatment - athletes foot treatment - scabies treatment - shingles 

Treatment for Joint Pain 

Did you realise that joint pains and muscle aches affect up to thirty percent of us every year - and nearly all of us over the course of our lifetime. Getting help isn't difficult but the range of advice can seem very confusing. Tap into our resources below:

Shoulder pain - knee problems- foot pain - hip conditions - elbow problems - wrist symptoms - ankle injury - referred pain - carpal tunnel syndrome - gout pain - arthritis treatment - arthritis pain treatment - sports injury - heel pain - heel spur -
frozen shoulder - joint injections - neck pain - frozen shoulder treatment

You might also be interested to find out about how regular exercise such as walking can improve your overall health - not just your fitness. Check out this site about walking and how it can benefit you. 

Treatment for Ear Nose and Throat Conditions

Are you a snorer or a mouth breather? Does your throat close up in the morning feeling dry and tight at the start of each day. Maybe you struggle with chronic rhinitis or nasal allergies. Whatever your ENT problem is you'll find something useful below:

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist - Snoring - Acoustic Neuroma - Throat Problems - Strep Throat - Ear Problems - Nose problems - Sore Throat - Sore Tongue - Cold and Flu Symptoms - Itchy Ears - Tinnitus Treatment - Sore Tongue due to Lipitor - Evista side effects - swollen tongue - homeopathic treatment for tongue ulcers
- diflucan sore tongue 

Dry mouth is a particularly important and problematic issue. We have a whole new section devoted to it. We've also set up a dedicated question and answer forum about the problems that are caused by struggling with sore mouth symptoms and treatment. You can get detailed help and support from others in a similar predicament. We've also created a new and interactive section about how to get rid of canker sores - you'll find it helpful if you're life is blighted by them.

Treatment for High Blood Pressure 
High blood pressure symptoms - zocor and high blood pressure - 
Blood Pressure - Natural Remedy for Blood Pressure - Automatic blood pressure monitor

Treatment for Childhood Problems

Bedwetting - Cure for Bedwetting 

Tiredness and fatigue can be very distressing symptoms. There are a wide range of conditions associated with severe fatigue and many medications or treatments can also aggravate the situation.


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